Here you can download key documents of the ELMOS project:



1. Project leaflets in four languages:



2. Results of analyses

3. Handbooks for e-moblity

  • ELMOS Handbook in Englisch: "elros - Electric Mobility in Rostock" - Recommandations drawn from the Pilot Project of the Rostocker Straßenbahn AG" - download  
  • ELMOS handbook in English / Addendum 1: Usage of the pedelec rental System «elros» by tourists from Germany and abroad - experiences from Rostock-Warnemünde - download
  • ELMOS handbook in English / Addendum 2: «Electric car pool - from idea to reality» - download
  • ELMOS Handbook in German: "elros - Elektromobilität in Rostock" -Empfehlungen aus dem Pilotprojekt der Rostocker Straßenbahn AG - download
  • ELMOS Handbook in Swedish: Framat med el - HANDBOK OM ELMOBIITET FÖR KOMMUNER - download 
  • ELMOS Handbook in Swedisch / Addendum: «Elbilspool - från idé till verklighet» - download
  • ELMOS Handbook in Polish: ABC e-mobilnosci - download