Target groups

Groups that are most benefiting from ELMOS are: 

  1. Small & medium sized cities: New ways for everyday urban transport change the mobility behaviour of urban population to keep off individual car traffic and switch to cleaner & quieter ways of transport. 
  2. Public transport operators: Instead of disconnecting them, the project actively involves them in new opportunities arising from electric mobility, esp. in terms of extending & further completing their services & chains. This generates new customers & sources of income. 
  3. Population: The project develops comfortable, time-efficient & economically priced public transport connections. Different groups (e.g. commuters, pupils, women) benefit from new opportunities not only in terms of saving time & money but also by better living conditions. 
  4. Retailers & producers of electric mobility: The project promotes electric mobility and facilitates the access of end-users to it, which is indirectly a benefit for production & trade.