ELMOS promotes the invention of electric mobility in the small & medium sized cities of the South Baltic Area. The specific focus lies on intermodal offers that complement (public) transport chains, and for which no practical examples exist in the region yet. The strategic objective of this approach is to induce a shift of mobility behaviour in towns & cities towards use of cleaner ways of transport as alternative to individual car traffic. In this way it contributes to reduce CO2 emissions & improve urban living conditions. Being a joint initiative of “forerunner cities” & umbrella organisations from Germany, Sweden & Poland, ELMOS wants to achieve a remarkable change of the status of electric mobility in the South Baltic Area:

  1. Cities and public transport operators in the South Baltic Area are supplied with conceptual knowledge and practical tools that enable them to start (during ELMOS, in forerunner cities) and continue (after ELMOS, in forerunner cities & elsewhere) the implementation of intermodal electric mobility. This is achieved by conjointly “importing” & adapting the state-of-the-art for use in small & medium sized cities.
  2. Five forerunner cities make intermodal electric mobility an integrated part of (public) transport planning & systems. This is achieved by adapting integrated intermodal urban transport concepts with electric mobility action plans.
  3. Intermodal electric mobility becomes reality in the South Baltic Area. Demonstrators in the forerunner cities have put first offers into practice, based on tested technology & operating concepts.
  4. An initial behavioural shift of the population towards using intermodal electric mobility offers takes place in the forerunner cities. This is achieved through positive experiences with the demonstrator offers and an accompanying promotion campaign that further enhanced market penetration. 
  5. Other cities in South Baltic Area are motivated to invent intermodal electric mobility by tailored recommendations and dissemination events in the international & national arenas.