Component 5

Setting up and promoting demonstrators of electric mobility in small and medium sized cities in the South Baltic Area

Hence the best way for promoting the envisaged behavioural shift to using electric mobility offers and intermodal ways of transport, is to put first offers and services into practice at short notice. Those allow end users to make own experiences on the spot and demonstrate the attractiveness of the new technology. 

By this means electric mobility is turned from a “far away vision” into concrete reality. Prerequisite for making such first “door openers” would be that available and reliable (already successfully tested) technologies are chosen

On that basis the workflow in C 5 is planned as follows: Each city designs a draft concept for the demonstrator based on already tested solution. To keep the costs at a moderate level the pilots will be designated in areas, where a basic infrastructure (cycle ways etc.) is already in place or just minor adoptions are needed. Afterwards joint exchange workshops and mutual peer reviews will be conducted to accompany and facilitate the conception process. 

Evaluations will again be taken by the electric mobility panel. Based upon the final concepts each city will start the provision of the demonstrators in the designated areas. 

Simultaneously rental schemes incl. ticket booking & payment systems will be newly designed or existing tariff systems adjusted. After a testing phase the acceptance of the services will be evaluated and necessary adaptations taken. 

For popularisation and acceptance of intermodal electric mobility, the invention of the new services needs to be accompanied by extensive marketing measures and tools. Thus all cities will carry out attractive Promotion campaigns, such as Pedelec road shows, that are designed around the demonstrators.