Component 2

Communication & Dissemination

As topic with presence in daily media, electric mobility offers good opportunities for dissemination & public attention. Based on an increasing awareness level, ELMOS can reach a wide group of target persons more easily than projects dealing with other issues. Component 2 is related to communication and dissemination on overall project level, which also includes the dissemination of results to other interested South Baltic Area cities.

The Lead Beneficiary act also as communication manager (CM). Working basis for component 2 will be a communication strategy, compiling all project relevant communication issues, such as key messages, promotion tools, target groups, responsibilities & budgets. The strategy will be completed by a regularly updated dissemination plan, which lists all persons & institutions to be addressed.

The major target groups of ELMOS will be transport specialists, operators for public transport and finally the electric mobility end users in cities of the South Baltic Area. The project website serves as main in- and external communication & dissemination instrument. RSS channels were installed to keep the users updated on any changes on the project website.

Press releases will be prepared at project start & after important milestones. 4 international project workshops will be carried out. In addition the partners will organise / attend 6 dissemination events, which have the main purpose of distributing the project results to further South Baltic Area cities and their municipal decision makers. Central dissemination instrument will be the handbooks designed in C 3. Also exchanges with other international projects, such as e.g. are planned. Different give-aways will further call target groups attention. Last but not least ELMOS will have a logo and a corporate design, to be compiled in a toolkit.