Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

ESS Group picture (© ESS)

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden established in 1999 is the largest Energy Agency in northern Europe with over 30 employees. The company is jointly owned by an association where regional councils, counties and municipalities in Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg are members. The Energy Agency's mission is to provide timely, objective and impartial information and knowledge about energy and transport issues. The work of the agency involves managing projects, conducting investigations, creating and maintaining networks and participating in the dissemination of experiences and best practices.

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden aims at increasing the knowledge and the use of pedelecs and other electric mobility means in the 39 municipalities of Southeast Sweden and in Sweden. Civil servants, politicians and citizens in Southeast Sweden should have tested pedelecs and increased interest in pedelecs and electric mobility when ELMOS project will end. The selling of pedelecs should have increased in the region as well. The ESS will support Växjö and Karlskrona municipalities to reach the ELMOS project goals and coordinate ELMOS in Sweden.

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