Electric Mobility Expert Panel

Why is an expert panel needed?

The small & medium sized cities in the South Baltic Area are beginners in the field of (intermodal) e-mobility, including the forerunner cities that participate in ELMOS. The forerunner cities receive targeted guidance by independent experts to reduce the risk of choosing approaches that do not serve own goals.


How does the expert panel work?

This electric mobility expert panel will be involved in guidance workshops/peer reviews that accompanies & facilitates the drafting of the intermodal e-mobility concepts and setting up the demonstrators in each forerunner city in a cooperative exchange.


Who is involved in the expert panel?

The following experts constituted the international ELMOS expert panel:

  • Benoît Beroud / Mobiped (France)
  • Ton Daggers / IBC-MOVILIZATION (Netherlands)
  • Edzard Hildebrandt / PGV (Germany)
  • Lucia Ilieva / Club Sustainable Development of Civil Society (Bulgaria)
  • Michael Koucky / Koucky & Partners (Sweden)
  • Piotr Kuropatwinski / PSWE & European Cyclists' Federation (Poland)
  • Thomas Lewis / energieautark consulting gmbh (Austria)
  • Hannes Neupert / ExtraEnergy e.V. (Germany)
  • Walter Vogt / private, before: University of Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Annika Wittkowski / PGV (Germany)
  • Marta Woronowicz / PKT Gdynia (Poland)