Municipality of Gdynia

Gdynia, inhabited by about 250 000 people, makes with the neighbouring cities of Sopot and Gdansk, a thriving agglomeration of nearly 1 million. The city’s transport policy is aimed at solving the most important communication problems of the city in a sustainable way – by increasing bicycle use, co-modality and enhancing public transport services.

The city is also introducing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which will contribute to a much more multimodal, safer, faster and greener transport in Gdynia and which demonstrates an innovative approach for Poland. With is experiences on modern transport systems, especially in terms of their trolley bus system, Gdynia is willing to provide knowledge to the ELMOS project. Furthermore, Gdynia is interested to learn more about intermodal emobility systems, developed in ELMOS, which might be a model that can be adapted in along run in Gdynia as well.

For more information please visit the website of the Municipality of Gdynia