Kronoberg Public Transport Cooperation (Länstrafiken Kronoberg)

The City of Växjö (© Jan-Åke Johansson)

The region of southern Småland is the county of Kronoberg, one of three counties in Småland. The county have approximately 182,000 inhabitants in eight municipalities.

The regional council of Southern Småland is an arena for regional development work. The complete mission is to strengthen co-operation at the regional level and to prevailingly work for development and sustainable growth in the region.

Länstrafiken Kronoberg (LK) is responsible for the local & regional public transport in the county of Kronoberg. Moreover LK coordinates other traffic assignments based on agreements with municipalities or county. It does not run buses or trains themselves but coordinates 53 operators with approx. 335 vehicles.

In ELMOS, LK wants to gain knowledge on electric mobility as complement to public transport. As operator of a wellorganized public transport system in the City of Växjö, it sees potentials for extending its services by new attractive e-mobility offers in the medium run.

For more information please visit the website of Kronoberg Public Transport Cooperation