Blekinge Public Transport

Public transport by bus (© Blekingetrafiken AB)

Our mission is to create good opportunities to travel by public transportation in Blekinge. If we travel together, it creates pleasant urban, rural livelihoods and a sustainable society. By public transport, when we are many to be at approximately the same place at about the same time, it creates:

  • Good travel opportunities to workplaces and schools
  • Increased access to services, entertainment, culture and sport
  • Energy efficient personal transportation
  • Better environment, reducing greenhouse gas, reduce dependence on oil

Well-developed public transport also contributes to regional development in the form of:

  • An enlarged labor market and increased educational opportunities
  • Increased tourism industry
  • Public transport is also important to creating accessibility for all. We are working for that our stops, terminals and vehicles should be as accessibility friendly as possible.

We believe that the project Elmos can support further development of public transport and the ability to easily and more sustainable transport through the development of electromobility solutions for the city of Karlskrona.

For more information please visit the website of Blekinge Public Transport