ELMOS e-mobility handbooks

 Handbooks for e-mobility

  • ELMOS Handbook in English: "elros - Electric Mobility in Rostock" - Recommendations drawn from the Pilot Project of the Rostocker Straßenbahn AG" - download  
  • ELMOS Handbook in English / addendum 1: "Usage of the pedelec rental system «elros» by tourists from Germany and abroad – experiences from Rostock-Warnemünde” - download  
  • ELMOS Handbook in English / addendum 2: "Electric car pool - From idea to reality” - download  
  • ELMOS Handbook in German: "elros - Elektromobilität in Rostock" -Empfehlungen aus dem Pilotprojekt der Rostocker Straßenbahn AG - download
  • ELMOS Handbook in Swedish: Framat med el - HANDBOK OM ELMOBIITET FÖR KOMMUNER - download 
  • ELMOS Handbook in Swedish / addendum:  "Elbilspool – från idé till verklighet”- download  
  • ELMOS Handbook in Polish: “ABC e-mobilnosci” - download

Presentations: Final conference and 4th All-Partner meeting, 14-16 Oct 2014, Rostock-Warnemünde

Final conference and study tour, 15-16 Oct 2014

presentations on the final conference :

 presentations on the study tour:

4th All-partner meeting, 14 Oct 2014

Electric mobility in daily life - before and after the ELMOS projcet

Regional dissemination activities and achievements

ELMOS Exchange Workshop on mobility strategies, June 2014, Karlskrona/Sweden

Further inspirations for the elaboration of electric mobility strategies and action plans in the ELMOS forerunner cities and towns

  • Electric mobility in the City of Gydnia/PL: Trolley Busses and more - Marta Woronowicz, City of Gydnia/PL: read more»
  • Promoting the use of electric vehicles in Southeast Sweden: Lessons learnt within the "Green charge" project - Henrik Ny, "Green charge" project responsible, Blekinge Technical University/SE: read more»
  • Promoting electric mobility in Karlskrona: Ambitions and ideas of Affärsverken - Tomas Eriksson, CEO of Affärsverken/SE: read more
  • Turning opportunities of electric mobility into a municipal strategy - Approach, process and results in Bottrop/DE - Dr. Jan Fritz Rettberg, Technical University Dortmund/DE: read more»  
  • Electric ferries and boat - An option for coastal cities and municipalities? - Joachim Skooberg, Echandia Marine AB/SE: read more »

ELMOS study trips


  • ELMOS Study trip to Offenbach, Frankfurt and Stuttgart / DE on 23-25 April 2012: Report - download  
  • ELMOS Study trip to Utrecht & Houten / NL on 15-17 April 2013: Report - download  
  • ELMOS Study trip to Olso & Asker / NO on 6-7 May 2014: Report - download  


ELMOS Best practice survey/ part 2

     Final reports,
15 Nov 2013:

  1. Inga Luchmann, PTV: Electric mobility and its potential target groups
  2. Miriam Lindenau, Rupprecht Consult: The state-of-the-art of municipal electric mobility strategies in Europe
  3. Miriam Lindenau, Rupprecht Consult: What can local municipalities do to forster the use of electric cars?
  4. Edzard Hildebrandt, PGV: Can bicycle highways foster the use of pedelecs? - Clarification of the concept and its potentials
  5. Ton Daggers: City centre cargo logistics with the help of electric vehicles


ELMOS Best practice survey/part I
ELMOS best practice compilation for supporting the design of public rental systems