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Activities & results in the five ELMOS forerunner cities / towns:


  • Electric mobility in Växjö – before & after ELMOS (presentation from final partner meeting) - download 
  • Electric mobility map (overview on local outcomes of the ELMOS project) - download  
  • Transport plan incl. electric mobility strategy - Englisch download
  • Transport plan incl. electric mobility strategy - Swedish download  
  • E-car pooling & mobility platform in Växjö - download


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New pedelec garage at station area

The new pedelec garage is situated at Växjö station area, very close to busses and trains. It offers space for 62 bikes and is equipped with loading facilities for pedelecs, lockers and a bicycle pump. To have a prescription for a place in the garage it is necessary to use the public transport travel card. The travel card will be programmed for use at the garage and a card reader at the garage door opens the door and inside its free parking. The lockers, electricity for loading pedelecs and the bicycle pump is included.  

Cykelgarage - Flyers and Registration Form


Flyer 1:  Was used to find test persons for the pedelec garage. This flyer we put on parked bicycles at the station area.
Flyer 2: Is used as an information flyer that is to be found at every bicycle shop in Växjö and at the transport company’s custom center.

Registration form

The “registreringstalong” is used for the registration of customers to the pedelec garage. This form is filled in at the custom center were they do the registration for the pedelec garage by programming the travel card with data for entrance to the pedelec garage. 

Advertisement in local media

We-based survey on interest in pedelecs & bicycle garage inn Växjö

In October 2012, a Web-based survey was made within the framework of the EU project ELMOS. The purpose of the survey was to determine the interest in pedelecs and a bicycle garage on the station area in Växjö, with access via the public travel companies travel card. The questionnaire was addressed to those who commute or could be commuters to/from the station area in Växjö. The survey was answered by 1,002 persons.

Read more about the results: