Växjö: Last works further upgrade the e-car pool & pedelec rental – ELMOS activities completed by 30 April 2015

By 30 April 2015, the City of Växjö completed last works related to ELMOS. The charging facilities for the e-car pool were extended and improved. Furthermore, the city bought eight more pedelecs for use by citizens and municipal employees.

With the municipal pedelec rental fleet, the innovative e-car pool and the updated transport plan, which contains an electric mobility strategy and is available also in English now, the ELMOS project has significantly fostered electric mobility in the city during the last three years.

Please find an overview on the main project activities and outcomes in Växjö in here


Karlskrona: ELMOS project ended – actions to foster electric mobility continue

The local ELMOS activities in Karlkrona were officially finalised by 31 Dec 2014. However, the actions to make e-mobility an integrated and important part of transport within the municipality continue.

Basis for them is Karlskrona`s electric mobility strategy, which was elaborated and adopted within ELMOS. It proposes as many as four different modes of electric mobility to be fostered in the next years (e-bikes, e-cars, e-busses, e-ferries). Within the ELMOS project, the municipality focused first on the promotion of pedelecs / e-bikes. More measures were launched in autumn 2014, when hybrid busses and electric busses were tested. Currently, a further electric mobility mode is under preparation: The municipality considers putting an electric ferry into service. It may start operating already in summer 2015. 

Please find an overview on the main activities and outcomes of the ELMOS project in Karlskrona in here


Review of the conference "EnergiTing Sydost 2014"

photos (Energy Agency Southeast Sweden)

The 13th of November 2014, the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden arranged EnergiTing Sydost for the fourth time. With over 130 officials, experts and politicians participating, it is the largest energy conference in the region. As usual, the conference was subdivided in to different themes. The transport theme was considerably well attended. In total, 49 persons took part of presentations, addressing not only current transport issues but also advocating solutions and good examples. Two good examples retrieved from the ELMOS project. Tim Lux (Växjö municipality) explained how they worked to enhance e-mobility within Växjö and Janette Heidenreich (Rostocker Straßenbahn AG) showcased the innovative pedelec rental-system in Rostock. The theme ended with a panel discussion, where the participants got the chance to ask questions and discuss the topic of the theme: How do we create a traffic-efficient society? As a gift, everyone attending the conference got a USB-stick with the Swedish e-mobility handbook (ELMOS) and the English version of the guide on how to develop a pedelec rental-system such the one in Rostock (elros).

Handbook about the ELMOS projects in Sweden

A Swedish handbook containing information, best practises and suggestions of how to boost e-mobility in smaller city regions are now available via the ELMOS project.  

You can download the Swedish Handbook here


Review of regional conference during European Mobility week 2014 in Karlskrona

Ulf Hansson, CEO at the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, presents a draft for the E-Mobility strategi in Karlskrona

The ELMOS project was showcased as a good example at a regional conference during the European Mobility week 2014 in Kalmar (Sweden), organised by the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden. Ulf Hansson (Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden) presented a draft for the E-Mobility strategy in Karlskrona and Pär Wallin (Växjö municipality) explained about their work to enhance e-mobility within Växjö.

In total 26 persons attended the conference, which aimed to raise awareness among local officials of sustainable transport and e-mobility.


Good results in the bicycle companies competition 'Sydost Trampar'

In this year’s version of the annual bicycle challenge 'Sydost Trampar' 7 % of the total distance biked were e-bike kilometres. It is a 5 % increase since the last year. Sydost Trampar is a bicycle challenge for companies.

The challenge is simple, instead of taking the car to work you take the bike instead. The more times you and your colleagues bikes, the better results you will get!


Municipality of Karlskrona is testing an electric bus

new electric bus of the Municipality of Karlskrona (© Karlskrona)

Today we started to test an electric bus in Karlskrona. This test will be during some weeks and is one of many new ways to work with electric mobility in the municipality of Karlskrona.

This bus is made for 100% electricity and is made in China, and comes from a company in Holland for test in Sweden.  


Hybrid buses started to traffic Karlskrona city streets

One of the new hybrid buses (© City of Karlskrona)

During the fall 9 hybrid buses started to traffic Karlskrona city streets. Shortly a battery operated electric bus will be tested in city traffic as well. The buses are produced by Volvo and it is the local public transport company that is in charge of the test.


Information Campaign about pedelecs in Karlskrona

new pedelecs for the staff of Karlskrona municipality (© City of Karlskrona)

During the fall Karlskrona municipality have conducted a campaign to inform local public organizations about pedelecs. Many have shown interest and Blekinge county board have now bought a pedelec for staff use.


Review of: Launch of Karlskrona municipality’s first electric carpool

One of the new electric cars of Karlskrona municipality's (© City of Karlskrona)

There are different types of EVs in the municipal operations; among them are pedelecs and hybrid cars. With the launch of Karlskrona municipality’s first electric carpool, on the 26th of September 2014, we can also add electric cars to the list.


Review of: Pedelecs test during the European Mobility Day in Karlkrona

Pedelec test at the European Mobility Day in Karlskrona (© City of Karlskrona)

At the European Mobility day in Karlskrona on the 20th of September 2014, we informed about the ELMOS project and pedelecs. Many tested pedelecs and had an enjoyable experience as well as saw its possibilities. The theme of the event was “No ridiculous car trips”.


Review of: Pedelec Road Show in the spring 2104

Pedelec road show in Karlskrona (© City of Karlskrona)

The spring of 2014 saw an extensive road show in the south part of Sweden with information and demonstration of various types of electric vehicles. In Karlskrona this was implemented on the 14th of March. Around 300 people attended, many of which tested pedelecs.


The city of Växjö has adopted transport plan which also includes an e-mobility strategy

At the 21 of October the City council in Växjö adopted the transport plan which also includes an e-mobility strategy. The plan describes how the City of Växjö will work towards creating an effective, sustainable and safe transport system and reaching the municipal transport-related targets. Some of the targets are increasing the share of walking, cycling and public transport from 38% to 47% to 2020 and zero emission of CO2 in 2030. E-mobility solution is a very important issue and will contribute to reaching the two targets.

Some of the measures are:

  • City of Växjö sets an example by increasing the share of electric vehicles (e-bikes, cargo bikes, electric cars, pickups, etc.) in the municipal fleet. 
  • Conduct annual campaigns geared towards inspiring increased cycling, walking and public transport use. An example would be campaigns offering the opportunity to try pedelecs, cargo bikes and public transport.


The results from the ELMOS projects where presented at the board meeting for UBC

Pär Wallin presents the results of the ELMOS project at the UBC board meeting (© City of Växjö)

A presentation of the results from ELMOS project was held during the board meeting for UBC, Union of the Baltic cities, in Växjö in 28-29 October. Each participating cities in ELMOS have their own approach of introduction of electro mobility as an intermodal transport mean.  The city of Växjö focus on introduce pedelec and to make intermodality easy with a new pedelec & cycling garage at the railway and bus station in Växjö.  The garage is already full booked. The sales figures of pedelec among the retailer have increased from 30 numbers 2012 to 300 in 2014  in Växjö. This shows a successful combination of intermodality between pedelec/bike and public transport that gain a lot of interest among the participators at the UBC board meeting.


Elmos 2.0

pictures from the car pool (© City of Växjö)

The 20th of August the city of Växjö inaugurated its open carpool consisting of two electric cars and launched the new website . About forty persons came to find out more about the project and the carpool. Since the inauguration almost one new user per day signed up and received feedback was only positive. Users are both private persons as well as businessmen which book our cars through their company.

September was a busy month with several activities and events to dissimilate and for finding potential users. Special effort was put on university students during this month and the website was presented at information evenings and a student fair. Furthermore we arranged a workshop about our ride sharing system to foster engagement and create a start up community.  At all events participants always had the possibility to test drive one of our poolcars which was much appreciated.

During October we will mainly focus on employees at the Linnues university.  With about 1200 persons this is one of our main target groups. November will be used for an evaluation and the anchoring process with our local partners, i.e. the university and the developing company Videum.  

Have a look at the information folder which includes a short summery about the project in Swedish.  

More information


Review: ELMOS on the Swedish National Bicycle Conference in June 2014

Mats Persson on the Swedish National Bicycle Conference (© City of Växjö)

The Swedish National Bicycle Conference in June is the biggest event in Sweden concerning bicycles and arranged by Swedish Finnish transport agency. The City of Växjö was invited to the Conference to present ELMOS and the activities to introduce pedelecs in the City. “It´s quite an honor to be asked to participate as speaker on the Conference and I see it as a recognition that we have done something good in Växjö when it comes to introducing pedelecs in the ELMOS project”, so Mats Persson, project manager for the ELMOS project.

The Conference had two big subjects “Leadership and action for the future attractive bike city” and “City planning to improve biking”. Frits Lintmeijer, Strategic Consultant from Utrecht and Philippe Crist, Economist and Administrator at the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was two very interested speakers during the first part. During the second part Marie Kåstrup, Project leader for mobility in Copenhagen spoke about Cycle planning the Copenhagen way.

Have you can have a look at the Conference program

The presentation about ELMOS was one out of several others under the heading “Current projects in the country.

Here is the link to the Twitter page for the conference: 


New pedelec garage at Växjö station area

© The City of Växjö

Pedelec garage was opened for public the 15th of June. The pedelec garage is situated at Växjö station area, very close to busses and trains. It offers space for 62 bikes and is equipped with loading facilities for pedelecs, lockers and a bicycle pump. To have a prescription for a place in the garage it is necessary to use the public transport travel card. The travel card will be programmed for use at the garage and a card reader at the garage door opens the door and inside its free parking. The lockers, electricity for loading pedelecs and the bicycle pump is included.

The Public transport company sees the pedelec garage as a new link in their transport chain and offers it on their web site and at the customer center. It is also them who register cardholders for the garage. When registration, the customer gets 10 day free of charge, after 5 days he/she will get an e-mail with an offer to subscribe a parking place in the pedelec garage for 30 days for about 10 Euro. Payment is done by credit card on Internet.


City of Växjö presents the ELMOS-project at the ECOMM 2013 conference in Gävle

The topic of this conference is Smart choices require easy access – making sustainable transport a part of everyday life. Target of the ECOMM conference  (29-31 May 2013 in Gävle, Sweden) is, to share local initiatives and results through a special "Meet the Swedes" session.

Pär Wallin, project leader Sustainable transport, in the traffic department of the City of Växjö, presents the new pedelec lending service of the municipality.

Please click on the link to see the presentation




New mobility service in the City of Växjö: pedelecs "Elcykla"

"Elcykla" pedelecs in the City of Växjö (© City of Växjö)

The City of Växjö started this month with a new mobility service: pedelecs as simple and comfortable vehicle in the everyday transport. The municipality bought 28 pedelecs for their lending system in Växjö and three more for special events and road shows. It is a Swedish brand called Eco Ride that is put to together in Sweden but the parts is off course made in Asia. The pedelecs where bought in March and have so far been lent out to about 90 persons. The municipality is convinced that lending out pedelecs is a good method to change travel habits.

Pär Wallin, Project leader Sustainable transport, about the estimated project values: CO2 savings is estimated to 140,000 kg and the project will replace about 350 cars with pedelecs and free up to 350 car parks.

Furthermore, a bike garage with loading facilities for pedelecs will be integrated to the public transport chain in the next month.   


Start of pedelec lending in Växjö

The traffic department of the City of Växjö will start lending out pedelecs at the 25th of march and during a 3 week-period about 30 branded pedelecs will be seen on the streets in Växjö. After those three weeks another 30 people will lend the pedelecs and it will go on like that until the end of June. During this period there probably will be about 100 people who have tried a pedelec for three weeks and above that approximately 5 more who have tried each pedelec at work or at home. Project manager Mats Persson assumes: “There will be about 500 people testing a pedelec during the spring”. After each lending period the pedelec riders will get a survey to fill in about their travel pattern, how they liked the pedelec, if they plan to buy one etc. This pedelec lending session will start again in August and though the interest is very big City of Växjö may even lend out pedelecs during the summer.




On and about pedelecs and cars in Southeast Sweden

participants testing electric bicycles (© ESS)

Using expertise gathered during the ELMOS project until now, Camille Delepierre from the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden presented pedelecs and European good examples about pedelecs’ hyring systems. This happened during the yearly Energy Conference for Southeast Sweden in Kalmar on November 15th. All participants got the ELMOS Swedish flyer and had the opportunity to test 2 Crescent electric bicycles, as well as many electric cars, among others the famous Tesla electric car.


Great interest in pedelecs and bicycle garage at the station area in Växjö

A survey among 1, 000 people who commute or could commute to/from the station area shows that approximately 700 are potential stakeholders to a parking lot in a secured bicycle garage. Out of those more than 400 don’t go by bike regularly but would consider doing so if there were a bike garage.

That web-based survey was made within the framework of the EU project ELMOS in Oct 2012.

Read more about the results:

Read more about ELMOS activities in Växjö:


Växjö - Event to European mobility week

Pedelecs & segways were tested during European Mobility Week event in Växjö (© Pär Wallin)

The pictures are from our latest event about traffic- and climate held at the big square in Växjö where we also promoted ELMOS. It was held at the 22´nd of September as a part of the European mobility week. Unfortunately it rained heavily during the hole day but even though there where about 800 visitors throughout the day. Bike dealers from the city where there showing their pedelecs and to let people try them.
It was also possible to try Segway, get information and visit the public transport company’s new biogas bus, have discussions with politicians and officials about e-mobility and to get inspired to use bicycle and pedelecs from about ten different bicycle organizations etc. We even offered the visitors coming by pedelec or bicycle coffee for free and some of the organizations arranged small events and competitions by their own. 
Mats Persson, project manager Växjö kommun   


European Mobility Week in Southeast Sweden

two politicians from the municipality of Vimmerby test pedelecs and show pedelecs to citizens

Most of the municipalities in Southeast Sweden been lifting sustainable mobility for their citizens during the European Mobility Week that takes place every year from 16th to 22nd of September. 10 of the 29 municipalities in the region choose to give the opportunity to their citizens to test pedelecs or electric cars. A good advice is that bicycle shops and bicycle producers are interested in having citizens test their pedelecs as it is still so new.

18 of the 29 municipalities of Southeast Sweden promoted sustainable mobility during that week. For example, the mayors of the municipality of Sölvesborg, Oskarshamn tested pedelecs and promoted them to their citizens. In Ronneby, policitians did a eco-driving and balansbicycle competition. In Älmhult you could test the popular Tesla electric car.