ELMOS - Introducing electric mobility as intermodal transport mean in small and medium sized cities in the South Baltic Area

ELMOS promotes the invention of electric mobility in the small & medium sized towns & cities of the South Baltic Area. In this way it contributes to reduce C02 emissions and improve urban living conditions. The overall idea of the project is to develop and partly introduce electric mobility in the five participating municipalities. Karlskrona, Malbork, Rostock, Trabki Wielkie and Växjö want to become forerunners but are therefore also newcomers in the field. Electric mobility will be integrated into their existing urban transport networks. Electric mobility offers new opportunities for everyday transport. Urban areas are predestined to become catalysts for its invention and are on the forefront of the development. Here, charging infrastructure could be provided at short notice and travel distances comfortably coped with the present electric vehicles, which allow only limited operating ranges.

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